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Top 20 Patreon Stats (2023 Data)

julio 12, 2023

Do you know how many creators there are on the Patreon platform? How about the total amount of payments that the platform has offered to its creators?

In this post, we list the best Patreon stats from various trusted sources.

These include general statistics and statistics that will help point creators in the right direction.

We’ll see.

Best Editor’s Picks: Patreon Stats

Here’s a quick rundown of our picks for the best Patreon stats on this list:

  • In total, Patreon has issued more than $3.5 billion in payments to creators. (Patreon)
  • 41% of a Patreon creator’s income comes from Patreon itself. (Census of Patreon creators)
  • According to estimates, Patreon’s annual revenue is between $50 and $75 million. (Similar website1)
  • Patreon receives an average of 97.5 million visits per month. (Similar website2)
  • There are over 54,000 video creators on Patreon who collectively earn over $5.9 million in monthly payments. (Graphtreon2)

General Patreon Stats

1. Patreon paid out $3.5 billion in revenue to creators

According to data published by Patreon themselves, the platform has paid out more than $3.5 billion in revenue to creators.

Patreon makes money by taking a cut of 5-12% of creators’ subscriptions. The fee depends on the plan creators signed up for when they signed up:

  • Literally – 5%
  • Pro – 8%
  • Premium – 12%

There is also a fourth founder plan for creators who joined the platform before May 2019. Patreon gets 5% of these creators.

Patreon also charges processing fees for credit and debit cards and various payment gateways:

  • Credit card and Apple Pay
    • Payments of $3 or less – 5% + $0.10
    • Payments over $3 – 2.9% + $0.30*
  • PayPal or Venmo in the United States
    • Payments of $3 or less – 5% + $0.10
    • Payments over $3 – 2.9% + $0.30*
  • PayPal or Venmo outside of the United States
    • Payments of $3 or less – 6% + $0.10
    • Payments greater than $3 – 3.9% + $0.30

There are also different processing fees for different currencies, but there are too many to list here.

Different payment methods come with their own set of fees:

  • Drop Shipping (not available to creators outside of the US) – $0.25 per payment
  • PayPal – 1% of the amount transferred. The fee will be no less than $0.25 per payment and no more than $20 per payment.
  • Payoneer (not available to US creators) – $1 per payment.

Just like processing fees, different currencies have different payment fees.

*This is the standard transaction fee for credit card processing, so it is in line with industry standards.

Fountain: Patreon

2. Patreon’s annual revenue is estimated to be between $50 and $75 million

Patreon does not publish annual reports, so the only way to determine your annual income is to analyze data collected from reputable sources.

This includes Similarweb.

According to Similarweb, Patreon’s annual revenue is estimated at $50-75 million.

02 Annual income from Patreons

Fountain: Similarweb1

3. receives 97.5 million visits per month

Based on Patreon web traffic statistics collected by Similarweb over a three-month period, receives an average of 97.5 million page views per month.

03 Traffic

Similarweb data also reveals that has a bounce rate of 56.18%.

On average, users visit 3.19 pages per visit and spend three minutes and 35 seconds on the site per session.

For comparison, here’s the amount of traffic some of Patreon’s biggest competitors receive each month:

  • only the fans – 310.9 million visits per month on average
  • ko fi – 10 million views
  • buy me a coffee – 4.7 million visits
  • to pave – 3.4 million visits
  • sell – 469,600 visits

Each competitor offers a membership platform or subscription option which are great alternatives to Patreon.

Fountain: Similarweb2Similarweb3Similarweb4Similarweb5Similarweb6Similarweb7

4. Patreon Received $413.3 Million in Investor Funding

According to Crunchbase data, Patreon has received a total of $413.3 million in investor funding from 10 funding rounds.

04 investors

The most Patreon has raised in a single round of funding was $155 million. This came from a total of eight investors, the leader of which was Tiger Global Management.

Fountain: crunchbase

5. The average salary on Patreon is $165,083.11 per year

According to over 200 salaries reported by Patreon employees and job postings posted by Patreon on Indeed, the average Patreon employee makes $165,083.11 per year.

The highest salary is for a fraud administrator at $262,000/year, which is 180% above the national average.

The lowest salary is for a Social Media Specialist at $62,000/year, which is 22% above the national average.

05 Salary

Fountain: Actually

Patreon stats for creators to know

6. Creators who promote their Patreons daily earn 75% more from the platform

Patreon surveyed its creators and asked them how often they promote their accounts to their followers.

They found that 21.3%, the majority of creators, promote their Patreons two to three times a month.

18.1% promote their Patreons once a week, while 17.6% promote theirs multiple times a week.

06 Promotion

7.3% of creators promote their Patreons on a daily basis, and after digging a bit deeper and doing some additional analysis, Patreon found that creators who do He promotes his Patreons daily, generating 75% more from the platform.

Here are the remaining stats from that number: 8.7% of creators promote their Patreon every two to three months, 5.4% promote theirs less than every six months, and 3.6% never promote theirs.

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

7. There are over 8 million monthly active users on Patreon

According to the company’s own data, there are more than 8 million monthly active users on the Patreon platform, which Patreon calls «patrons.»

This is not just the number of Patreon users out there.

This number represents the number of users who are actively paying subscription fees and consuming content on the platform on a monthly basis.

Fountain: Patreon

8. There are over 250,000 creators on Patreon

The company’s data also explains how there are more than 250,000 Patreon creators.

The platform is home to podcasters, video creators, musicians, visual artists, writers, and more.

However, according to Graphtreon, when you only count creators with at least one patron, the number of creators the platform has drops to 225,000.

Fountain: Patreon, Graphtreon

9. Patreon issues over $25 million in monthly payments to creators

According to Patreon creator statistics compiled by Graphtreon on Patreon, Patreon payouts exceed $25 million per month, not including hidden earnings.

This creator’s income comes from over 14 million engagements, not including engagements. hidden.

For the sake of transparency, it’s important to note that Graphtreon can only include data from creators who choose to share your earnings and engagements, hence the «hidden opt out of so-and-so» note you see attached to some of the stats in this post. .

In an article published on the platform’s blog in April 2021, Patreon claimed that more than 200,000 creators collectively generated more than $100 million per month from the platform.

So that number is likely to be much higher than $25 million when your includes hidden gains.

And because that blog post is over two years old, the creators are probably pulling in over $100 million monthly from Patreon as of now.

Fountain: graphtreon1Patreon’s blog

10. The most competitive category on Patreon is the video category with over 54,000 creators.

This is probably one of the less surprising stats on this list.

According to Graphtreon’s Patreon data, Patreon is home to over 54,000 video creators who primarily create video content.

This is the number you get when you only count creators who have at least one patron.

Collectively, these Patreon creators earn $5.9 million in monthly payments, excluding hidden earnings.

These payments come from more than 3.8 million monthly commitments, not including hidden commitments.

Fountain: graphtreon2

11. The least competitive category on Patreon is the magazine category with only 500+ creators.

According to data collected by Graphtreon, the magazine category on Patreon is the least competitive category to sign up for.

At least, this is the case when you base your results only on categories that are also of interest to Google.

There are just over 550 creators with at least one patron in this category.

Monthly payments are over $64,000 excluding hidden earnings, while monthly commitments are over $33,000 excluding hidden commitments.

Fountain: graphtreon3

12. There are over 15,000 creators in the podcast category on Patreon

Graphtreon’s data on the podcast category shows that there are more than 15,800 creators in the category, with at least one patron each.

They get a collective payment of $3.6 million per month, excluding hidden gains.

These payouts come from more than 2.2 million individual bets, not including hidden bets.

Fountain: graphtreon4

13. The top creator on Patreon is the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast with over 61,000 backers

Grapheon also collects data on the top creators on Patreon.

They report that the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, a variety show by Philadelphia comedians Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis, has the most endorsers on the platform, with more than 61,800 endorsers.

13 Matt And Shanes Secret Podcast

Your commitment options range from $1/month to $50/month.

Other top Patreon creators include Maintenance Phase with over 45,200 backers and True Crime Obsessed with over 44,200 backers.

Fountain: graphtreon5

The best Patreon stats from the creator census

Note: Patreon surveyed its creators in early 2022 and published the data in May of that year. More than 13,000 creators from 113 countries participated in the survey.

61.94% of respondents were from North America, 21.2% from Europe, 5.65% from Asia, 5.08% from Latin America, 2.26% from Australia and New Zealand, 0.76% from Africa and the Middle East and 3.12% from various countries. regions.

The statistics in this section represent our top picks from this census.

14. Patreon creators get 41% of their income from Patreon

Patreon asked its creators about their main sources of income.

Collectively, creators earn 41% of their income from Patreon.

14 income sellers

Here are additional sources of income for creators and what percentages they represent of a creator’s total income:

  • Work related to creative activities. – eleven%
  • commissions – 8%
  • Subscriptions on other platforms – 7%
  • advertising revenue – 7%
  • Training or Teaching – 5%
  • Book sale – 4%
  • raw Materials – 3%
  • Digital download sales – 3%
  • Live entertainment – 2%
  • brand sponsorships – 2%
  • Other sources – 9%

Note: Patreon says that the numbers have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

15. 38% of Patreon creators are primarily interested in video topics

Patreon asked its creators about the types of media they primarily use to create content.

38% of those surveyed, which was the majority, mainly use videos.

15th Census of Creative Media Creators

17% primarily use writing, 14% use audio, 11% use visual arts, 6% create video games or mods for video games, 6% create photos, and 8% use other types of creative media.

Patreon also asked creators about the platforms they used to build their following:

15b Where creators found an audience
  • video creators – 50% of creators found their audience on YouTube.
  • writers – 19% used Facebook, 17% used Discord, and 14% used their own websites.
  • Sound/Music – 30% of creators used YouTube.
  • Podcasters – 17% used Facebook, 16% used podcast networks and another 16% used Twitter.
  • visual artists – 21% used DeviantArt and 19% used Twitter.
  • Developers/Modifiers – 18% used Twitter and 17% used Discord.

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

16. 70% of Patreon creators use the platform as a way to give their followers a way to support them.

Patreon asked creators about the benefits they offer to backers.

70% use Patreon as a simple way to give their followers a way to support them other than by viewing ads, using affiliate links, and purchasing products.

69% offer content exclusively on Patreon and 57% offer early access to content.

16 Patreon Creator

These are the additional benefits that creators offer to patrons through subscriptions:

  • Access to the complete mail archive – 39% of creators offer this benefit to patrons
  • Send greetings to customers in videos or by recording their names in the credits – 37%
  • Fan Applications and Voting Rights – 35%
  • Interactions with the creator and other patrons through blocked posts and comments – 30%
  • Access to Discord or Facebook group – 29%
  • educational content – 19%
  • digital downloads – sixteen%
  • Live streams for sponsors only – sixteen%
  • Physical goods weekly or biweekly as exclusive merchandise – 13%
  • Individual interactions with the creator. – eleven%
  • Custom digital commissions – 10%
  • Individual coaching or teaching sessions. – 9%
  • Ask me any session (AMA) – 8%
  • monthly physical goods – 6%
  • VIP access to face-to-face events – 5%

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

17. 55% of Patreon creators consider themselves to be experienced content creators.

Patreon asked creators to rate themselves on a scale of 1-6, with 1 designated for creators who feel like they’re just getting started and 6 for those who feel «professional.» experience».

55% of creators voted for 4, 5 and 6: 23% rated themselves 4, 21% chose 5 and 11% chose 6.

21% of creators rated themselves 3, 17% chose 2, and 5% chose 1.

17 The Creative Mandate

Note: These are the numbers that Patreon gives in its results. Since it doesn’t add up to 100% and Patreon doesn’t provide any explanation for it, it’s likely that they made a small mistake and these numbers are slightly skewed.

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

18. 80% of Patreon creators work alone

Patreon asked creators who they work with.

80% of creators say they work alone.

11% work in teams and 8% work alone but in partnership with non-creators.

Podcasters are the group most likely to work as part of a team. In fact, 39% of Patreon creators do.

Visual art creators are more likely to work alone: ​​94% do.

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

19. 96% of creators want fans to be able to give unique advice on Patreon

Patreon asked creators to rate how important potential features would be if they were added to the platform.

Creators could select the following responses for each potential feature:

  • Crucial
  • It’s good to have
  • Do not care
  • Please no

96%, or the majority of creators, voted «unique tips» as the most important potential feature the platform has.

To be more specific, 61% think this is an «essential» feature, while 35% think it would be «nice to have.»

3% «don’t care» and 1% don’t like the feature being implemented on the platform.

It’s no surprise that one-time tips, or the ability for followers to donate to creators on a one-time basis instead of paying for ongoing subscriptions, is the number one feature creators wish they had.

Most other platforms, including OnlyFans, Ko-fi, and Buy Me a Coffee, not to mention mainstream content platforms like YouTube and Twitch, allow fans to tip or donate to creators in one way or another.

Adding this feature would allow Patreon to become even more competitive.

19a The Creator wants

Here are the other features Patreon asked creators about, in order of least wanted:

  • gift subscriptions – 91% think this feature would be “essential” or “nice to have”.
  • Customizable landing page – 90%
  • New data on the patron – 88%
  • Notices to the employer – 86%
  • Back catalog access control – 84%
  • User data canceled – 82%
  • Forum/Community Chat – 74%
  • Unlockable only once – 71%
  • Live broadcast – 71%
  • Custom badges/emojis – 69%
  • Free trial subscriptions – 67%
  • Exclusive products for patrons – 62%
  • Integration with shipping services – 62%
  • Sell ​​tickets for live events – 42%
  • crypto payments – 27%

Given that crypto payments are the feature Patreon creators least want to implement on the platform, it’s interesting because it’s the only potential feature Patreon included additional questions for in their survey.

That question revealed that 70.88% of Patreon creators «don’t care» (28.5%) that crypto payments are implemented on the platform or don’t want the feature implemented at all (42.38%). .

28.88% of Patreon creators do I want the function to be implemented.

10.13% think it would be an «essential» feature to have, while 18.75% think it would be «nice to have».

19b Crypto Payments

The group claiming the most for crypto payments on Patreon are image-based creators, likely due to the craze for NFT art.

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

20. 90% of Patreon creators want to grow their audience above all else.

Patreon asked creators about the goals they have for their brands.

The majority of creators, or 90%, want to grow their audience.

25% want to collaborate more often with other creators, 18% want to hire staff, and another 18% want to experience a new creative environment.

Here are the goals other creators want to focus on, listed from highest to lowest priority:

20 focus targets for brands
  • Try a new channel or platform – 12%
  • Add creative collaborators to your team – 12%
  • Launch a new podcast – 9%
  • Build or hire someone to build a website – 9%
  • Experiment with new monetization options – 6%
  • Create or hire someone to design an app – 2%
  • Other objectives – 7%

Fountain: Patreon Creator Census

Patreon Statistics Sources

final thoughts

These statistics reveal quite a bit about the Patreon platform and its creators.

The biggest revelation has to do with the impact of the platform on a creator’s revenue.

For creators who decide to use the platform, Patreon is an important source of income, which they can generate without relying on someone else’s product (sponsors and affiliate products).

In fact, Patreon is one of the easiest ways to offer subscription services in exchange for premium content, among other benefits.

Another major revelation these stats reveal is just how competitive the platform is when it comes to video content.

That’s why it’s important for creators to branch out and try different creative mediums, as well as find a niche audience on specific platforms.

Overall, if you’re a content creator, Patreon offers one of the best ways to harness the power of your audience and give them additional ways to support you.

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